About us

Thanks to its influence of the Atlantic Ocean, a wide array of aquatic animals thrive in this majestic island. The community of Noirmoutier respected the gifts of nature follows a strict specifications for their production on local products. Based on traditional methods of cultivation and agricultural alterations, we are proud to display high quality vegetables and seafoods with a strong sense of heritage and history.
Whether its in Winter or Summer, you could visit the island at all time to discover euberant nature and enjoy a restorative taste of the pre-season.


After the end of Winter, the island has donned brilliant colours. Shop signs have been repainted, bicycles have been cleaned, and at the slightest ray of light, people bask on the beach, still wearing a light jumper but thrilled to enjoy the beneficial sun.
On the weekend, makes the most of the opportunity to go on an outing or do some gardening from some of our farmer tours. At this point, the scenery begins to change, the trees and hedges grow new shoots, the birds become busy, and the potato fields have been hoed and are ready for sowing (and some are already dotted with green clumps). Pedestrians and cyclists change their pace, in less of a hurry to get out of the cold. Have lunch outdoors is most suitable in this weather, you are practically purring under the first rays of sun. All the hallmarks of spring are there and, on the island, the first batch of new potatoes signals the return of spring!


Noirmoutier summer

Sunlight bursts forth, so put on that sandal and t-shirt. It’s a time for swimming and ice cream, for picnics in the woods and extended cocktail hours outdoors. People meet, are reunited, and share the island, with everyone wanting to make sure they get their favourite spot. From Barbâtre to L’Épine and Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, people scatter about on the beaches and at the ports, in small streets and along cycling trails. It’s the summer holidays and the programme of activities is jam-packed: a late breakfast with the family, a profusion of colours at the market, an espresso at a sidewalk café, with nibbles like tarts on the go, a nap and then the beach to tan or swim, a slow bicycle ride, exploring different spots on the island, or taking an educational tour, going sailing, playing tennis, the list goes on. In the evening, go to a nice little restaurant, followed by your choice of a street performance, a concert or fireworks, or else a barbecue with friends before hitting the dance floor. There’s nothing in particular that you have to do, except make a choice!


Noirmoutier autumn

Far from the noises of summer, everything now just encourages you to slow down.

Drink in the last of the sun before it retreats, a breath of sea air before shutting yourself in, take a walk to stock up on good weather, with your family or your friends. You can tret yourself with a drink outdoors or a barbecue on the weekend! Sea birds put on a show, now less easily startled with the renewed calm. For a real “serenity break”, watch people come and go as you sit facing the sea or lean on a hammock. And the light... It’s softer but makes sunsets look like real works of art, pulling you down towards the beaches with their endless horizons. The time has come for a walk along the water, where you can still, for now, dare to go barefoot. Small children will squeal with delight as they break in their wellingtons in the tide pools or gallop up and down the foreshore. The promise of a snack with the family stimulates the taste buds. The ice cream vendor is still there, but you might prefer a waffle or a crêpe at this point.


Noirmoutier winter

After an autumn bathed in light comes a time of great calm on Noirmoutier Island. A special time to get back in touch with your emotions. To listen to the calls of the birds come to stay for the winter. To breathe in the scent of the ocean, now returned to its wilderness state. To gorge yourself on that light which filters, towards and against everything. To savour the hint of iodine in oysters from the open sea. To scratch at the foreshore with your hands. To set your emotions free during a short breather before the exuberance of Christmas.
Noirmoutier Island decks itself out in the colours of winter, offering you a different season with different delights. The beach is all yours, with your caps pulled down over your ears, so treat yourself to an invigorating walk, recharge your batteries, take a break! Then give in to a snack of crêpes with salted butter caramel in front of a hot chimney fire. Christmas carols thrust the streets into the magic of the holidays, the shop windows are decorated, the scent of delicious mulled wine wafts towards you, and children’s voices fill the air... You will be delighted as you recall the joyous images of Christmas holidays! Scarves and gloves have replaced flip-flops and shorts, people sip on hot cocoa at sidewalk cafés, and you can enjoy not worrying about the time. The emphasis is on walking. You say hello to the people you pass. You may not know them, but you all share the pleasure of being here.