The King of Potatoes


Also known as the jewel of Noirmoutier, La Bonnotte is a unique breed of potatoe that is exclusively from this island. The cool, sunny climate of this region, combined with its sandy substrate as allowed La Bonnotte to thrive all year round.

Our farmers use a unique soil profiling technique known as "billon", which consists of mixing seaweeds that washed ashore in June with the soil, allowing the potatoe to warm up and drain quickly.
Bonnottes are harvested before the first week of May, roughly 3 months after planting. Because La Bonnotte is known for its fragile skin, it must be hand-picked and not ripped off. After harvesting, they are thoroughly washed, packaged and sent to customers in France and worldwide, retaining freshnessness to the point of sale.

Did you know?

There are actually 5 breeds of potatoes that bear the same name as la Bonnotte:
Sirtema, Bonnotte de Noirmoutier, Lady Christ'l, lodéa and La pomme de terre Charlotte. Can you guess which type is the most well-known?

Born from a land of exceptional sunlight, the Noirmoutier potato has a unique natural identity. Grown under the spray, the scent of the island of Noirmoutier has a delicious sweet taste.
This scent has become a cultural reference in terms of gastronomy and the image of its varieties. Harvested from April to the end of July, the potatoe is famous for the island of Noirmoutier. Its varieties adapt perfectly to the island culture, born of a great know-how of the producers of the island. The early potato is sold the day after harvest and can be kept for only a few days in a cool and dry place, protected from the light. It is recommended to taste it within a maximum of 8 days. The varieties chosen by producers take into account their ability to sublimate in the soil of the island of Noirmoutier. voila
Excellent in salads, baked, steamed, sautéed or fried, early-season potatoes blend harmoniously with the most balanced meal ideas. Fans of slimming cooking will prefer steam cooking to preserve their precious mineral and vitamin capital, while gourmets will swear by only fresh vegetables just back in the pan in a little salted butter ... It only takes a little for them. Bon appetit!

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