Annual potatoe festival

potatoe festival

La Fête de la Bonnotte (Bonnotte party) is an annual festival celebrating the first day of potato harvest. It is a fantastic occasion for families and travelers exploring the region's culture and, especially, food!
During the festival, we are proud to present a potpourri of activities, sea songs and markets. Our most prided cultural dish will be grilled sardines served with buttered Bonnotte. Additionally, there will be scheduled field grubbing and tasting local specialties before the festival. Finally, you will receive tips and advice on preparing La Bonnotte by some of Noirmoutier' best chefs.

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For the best seat and experience, pre-order your tickets 2 weeks prior to the festival. Also, boxes of Bonnotte will be sold in a limited amount, so hurry!


Bonnotte potatoe box



55.99 Fr/box

Bonnotte de Noirmoutier

44.90 Fr/box

Lady Christ'l

56.50 Fr/box

*Due to shortage in spuds, lodéa and La pomme de terre Charlotte will sadly be unavailible for this year's sale. We apologise for any inconvenience.